With more than 10 year ago we are experienced in providing an honest, detailed cleaning service that focuses on making life easier for you. CCS is a locally owned company that offer local carpet cleaning in Park City. Our expert services help look after  your precious floor coverings  as we are specialise in cleaning commercial and domestic carpets.

Custom Cleaning Services Technicians are fully trained which is guarantee in providing stain removal, hygienic  and professional carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City, Utah and offers fully clean. CSS

Custom Cleaning Services carpet cleaning remove difficult stains like: Cordial, dye, ink, pet stains, tea, coffee, red wine, makeup, nail polish, paint, blood, tar, grease, oil and most others.

Based upon the experience we committed to deliver the best carpet cleaning and floor cleaning services for your home & Office. We employ only the best and latest cleaning products and services to restore the beauty of carpets. Our professional deep cleaning provides the care and maintenance necessary to extend the life of your floors and carpet.

Learn more about our services at- http://wasatchccs.com/